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The Creel Loaders

The Creel Loaders

‘The Creel Loaders’ Commission by Gardner Molloy a Sculpture and Artist.

This project was a tribute to women’s hard work which stands at the approach to Dunbar Harbour.

Dunbar Shore & Harbour Neighbourhood Group sought the views of the public for a traditional stone sculpture on the site.

The project involved contribution of the fishing community to the life, traditions and economy of Dunbar. The part played by the fishwives (who supported their menfolk) proved most popular.

The sculpture was made to celebrate the unsung work of the Dunbar fishwives.

The Sculpture

The Sculpture

Designed, carved and installed by Gardener Molloy

The sculpture was designed, carved and installed by Gardener Molloy for the Dunbar Shore and Harbour Group part of the community council to remember the harbour women of Dunbar.

These women carried wicker creel/baskets on their backs and were then loaded
with a creel of herring by two men in the early 20th century. The women then walked 29 miles into the countryside along the Herring Road to sell their fish. This was noted to be “back breaking work and a perilous journey in the winter”.

The women not only carried the fish, but they also often bartered their fish for fresh vegetables. This may account for the determined and resigned look on the woman’s face.

This is a complex and delicately carved piece of work. It clearly confirms the hard work the creel loaders undertook.

Choice of stone

Choice of stone

Witton Fell sandstone

A D Calvert’s Witton Fell sandstone was selected by Gardener Molloy because our company had the ability to provide a large clean block 2m x 2m x 2m approx weighing 18 tonnes.

The block needed to be free from vents dry’s cracks and fissures.

Witton Fell has many properties one of which make it suitable for fine carvings.

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